Showdown for the Golden Throne bragging rights

LEWISTON, ID - It's not a league game, yet it's a huge rivalry, and it's one that both Clarkston and Lewiston have been prepping for all season, especially this past week.

Monday was the start of Golden Throne festivities as both schools featured themed dress up days of everything from "would you be my friend if day", to ugly day. Schools raised money for chosen charities with incentives as each monetary goal was reached. Some teachers at Lewiston even agreed to get their ears pierced if students raised enough money. All of this comes in preparation for a game that's rewarded with bragging rights and a golden toilet.

"It's really important to us, like it's kinda funny, some people who like transfer over here don't understand why everyone gets so excited but it's probably the biggest game of the year for us," said Clarkston senior Rachel Folsom.

"It's important for us to get our payback because it's a very big atmosphere and we want to win," said Lewiston senior Karlee Wilson. "So it's gonna be very fun, have all the fans and everyone screaming so it's very important for us and we're gonna come out ready to play."

Last year, the Lewiston girls lost while the boys grabbed the victory over the Bantams. The girls game is set to start at 6pm Friday and the boys will follow at 8.