Clarkston secures Golden Throne for second year in a row

LEWISTON, ID - Friday night marked the biggest rivalry game of the season for Clarkston and Lewiston as they went head to head at LCSC in the battle for the Golden Throne.

Picking up in the second half with the girls, 31-15 Bengals leading as Paige Wells gets it to Karlee Wilson who throws it up for three. Wilson not done though as Brittany Weeks gets it back out to Wilson who once again puts it up for another three. Bantams turn to put some points on the board as Janey Reeves finds Jadyn Meyers, three for the Bantams. It's not even near enough though as the Bengals continue to fight. Caitlinn Teichmer over to the other Wilson sister Lynzee who puts it up from behind the arc as the Bengals go onto win 55-25.

Moving onto the boys, check out that Golden Throne. Clarkston first on the board as Lewiston can't hold onto the ball, Depaul Blunt steals it and takes it all the way back down the court and puts it up for two. Protecting the ball continues to be a problem for the Bengals as this time Ryan Adams gets the steal and takes it in for the easy layup. Lewiston's turn to add some points, Kyler Brooks grabs the rebound and puts it back up for two. Next possession Daniel Hasenoehrl inbounds to Brooks and it's up and in. 4th quarter, Bantams up 39-36 and Kage Sabotta hits this clutch free throw to secure the lead.

Bantams go onto win 41-36. Clarkston secures the Golden Throne for the second year in a row.