Asotin Panthers are on a roll

Asotin Panthers are on a roll
ASOTIN, WA - Sports should always be fun, no matter what level you play at, but for high school athletes, that rule should be doubled.

Today we meet a local prep football team who is currently undefeated, but making sure they are having fun the whole time, win or lose.

Let’s meet the Asotin High Panthers football team.

I can only imagine that sports were invented not only for exercise and competition, but out of boredom, a way to have fun. The Asotin High football team is making sure they keep having fun, and it all starts with their head coach, Sal Lopez.

"Like you said, they're a fun bunch of group, or bunch of guys, it's kinda hard to say that," said Lopez.

There are always some big smiles in Asotin, but they also know when to get down to business.

"They're good, they're working hard, our seniors are leading really positively and that's really helped us out,” said Lopez. “We've had that missing a little bit in the last two years. And the young guys are stepping up, they wanna play, so we have certain little bench marks they have to meet in order to give them the game time, so, they're all scrapping it out on the practice field trying to get in."

The team is currently 2-0 after a close call in an overtime battle with McCall winning 14-6, then shutting out Colfax for a big 38-0 win. A big reason behind those wins is one of their team leaders, who just happened to be this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week, Dayton Krull.

"Dayton's your classic three-sport athlete,” said Lopez. “One’s that disappeared a little bit, gone by the dinosaur. He’s a football player, he's a basketball player, he's a trickster; you can't keep him off the field."

As for Dayton himself, he has faith that his team is going to turn things around this year.

"I shouldn't say expectations, I know for a fact that we're going to go above 500, I have the confidence in our team that we can do that," said Krull.

Coach shares a few things he loves about his team.

"There's no me, there's no I, there's just us,” said Lopez. “What can we do to get better? What can we do to be more successful? We haven't had to harp on that this year, it's just been done. They’re out here before I am. And so that's kinda nice. Leading by example, especially the young guys. They’re being taught how to do things, they're not being dumb or stupid, hey this is the way we do it, we gotta get things done. We as coaches are just having to teach the x's and o's, which makes life a lot easier for us, versus don't be rude, don't be obnoxious, don't haze, don't do all the stuff that gets you in trouble. And we haven't had any of that, so that's been kinda nice."

And the Asotin football team goal!

"We wanna get to get back in the playoffs,” said Lopez. “In oh-eight we were the runner ups, oh-nine we were in the tie breaker and then we just disappeared off the face of the earth. If you can get out of our conference, you have a good shot at making quarter-finals or semi-finals. And so our goal right now is to get back in the playoffs. Where conference champions, not conference champions, win the crossover game. We feel we need to get back in the playoffs, we need to put Asotin back on the map and that's our goal."

And that's a great goal to have, best of luck to the Asotin High football team this season!

The 2-0 Asotin Panthers football team will be playing Dayton this Friday at home at 7:00 p.m.!