79th Lewiston Roundup Rodeo is a lot of tradition

79th Lewiston Roundup Rodeo is a lot of tradition »Play Video
Make sure you attend to watch the riding, roping, and rounding up!
LEWISTON, ID - Summer is coming to an end, the weather is starting to cool, people are moving away from the river, and into the Roundup grounds for an exciting event.

Hey look, that's Trevor Brazile! It's the 79th annual Lewiston Roundup where the greatest rodeo athletes come together for five days of riding, roping, and rounding up! The events all started Tuesday morning at 8:59 with pro-barrels,and throughout the morning we saw steer wrestling, team roping, calf roping, and steer roping. Riders compete to rope the steer and tie it up with the fastest time. Seeing as this is the 79th annual roundup, there is a lot of tradition in these events.

"Like they used to say, it was a chance for the farmers to come together as a community as the crops were coming in from the fields," said Lewiston Roundup Assoc. President, Willie Deibel. "We can't ask for anything as a community than the longest running profession sport to come out and watch."

Make sure you grab your tickets for Wednesday night's event, the Xtreme Bulls, which is pretty self-explanatory. all the bull riding starts Wednesday night at 6:59p.m.