Baseball field to get artificial turf

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Prepping baseball field for artificial turf
LEWISTON, ID - Little leaguers who play in Lewiston will have a beautiful new field to play on come spring time.

You may not recognize it, but this is the Inland Cellular Field at Little Clearwater Park, where local little leaguers have played for years, and it's now getting a makeover.

Little league and the City of Lewiston have joined forces to tear up the existing field and revamp it, installing some beautiful new artificial turf that's usually just used for the higher levels of baseball. What’s better is we have current and former baseball players helping out with it, including former LCSC players Bobby Joe Tannehill, Aaron Deguire, and Billy Silvestri. Though placing the sod won't begin until next week, Corky Fazio can already see how the kids will react when they play on it.

"I think it'll give them pride in their community, and I think this is one way that the City has the ability to help them out, as well as the parents of little league also putting a lot of effort into it,” said Lewiston Grounds Supervisor Corky Fazio. “I see this as something they'll be proud of, and actually want to play. I think any time you see some artificial turf anywhere; it brings the kid out in all of us. So the kids should like really that and I think it'll make a difference for everybody, I think they'll definitely enjoy it.”

The field is expected to be done within the month, and we'll get you updates on the progress next week!