Vobora drafted by Rams

Vobora drafted by Rams
MOSCOW, Id- Well he had to wait until the very last pick, but Idaho linebacker David Vobora heard his name called Sunday in the final round of the NFL draft. Vobora told KLEW Sports Monday, things went from very mellow to very chaotic.

"It was getting down to those last picks and I decided to step out of the room," said Vobora. "I was talking with my agent about some of the things that were going on as far as teams pitching for free agency and that type of thing. And my family and friends were still inside watching and a call beeped in and so I figured I should probably check it out and see who it is. And it happened to be the St. Louis Coach and he said I was their guy. He said they wanted to get me earlier but it didn't turn out that way. But he assured me that I'm going to have a great opportunity with the Rams and have a chance to make a big impact on the team. I'll be gone next week, to head down there. I'm excited to head to St. Louis and check out what the Midwest has to offer."

The Cougars also had one player drafted in quarterback Alex Brink who was selected in the seventh round by the Houston Texans. Two other WSU players signed free-agent contracts with teams
after the draft. Safety Husain Abdullah signed with Minnesota, and
wide receiver Michael Bumpus signed with the Seattle Seahawks.