Tournament turns a tragedy into unity

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10th Annual Trevor Haag Tournament
OROFINO, ID – Ten years ago, the world lost a young boy who loved not only baseball but all sports more than anything. Every year he is remembered through a memorial tournament that is more than just a fun time for kids, but a way to help young Orofino athletes keep playing sports. This is the 10th Annual Trevor Haag Tournament.

This time every year in beautiful Orofino, a baseball tournament is held to remember a child who left us far too early. This year, it has reached a landmark.

“Ten years ago my brother passed away and he was a baseball lover, obviously, and so Jeff and Jamie decided to put on a tournament in his name,” said Trevor’s Brother Justin Haag. “Over the last ten years it’s grown to be pretty amazing, as you can see behind us the kids are enjoying it, so far. It’s hot but we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“It is memory of Trevor Haag who passed away at the age of 12,” said Tournament Co-Founder Jamie Wilson. “And so my husband and I the next year started a tournament.”

And the tournament has grown from 6 teams in its first year to 26 at one point! People come from all over the country, including Trevor’s aunt.

“I come all the way from Florida, like she said,” said Trevor’s Aunt Holly Sosa. “It’s really hard, and I think Trevor would be really happy to see this tournament. And he was an amazing kid. If there was a kid who would fall down and couldn’t make it to the base, he’d run help them. He was that kind of kid.”

He certainly was that kind of kid, one no one will ever forget.

“We dedicate it to the memory of Trevor,” said Tournament Co-Founder Jeff Wilson. “We want this to be a special time for the family and it is kind of heartfelt every year when we do this, even though we’re in our 10th year, you don’t lose that feeling remembering Trevor and celebrating him.”

“That’s been the most important thing to me is to really have people remember him and what a great kid he was,” said Jamie.

Trevor’s parents are more than grateful to be part of the annual tournament and love the appreciation the teams have for Trevor.

“It’s like never having to say goodbye, you know, because all these kids come together,” said Trevor’s mother Annette Haag. “And so, instead of not having anything to do during the summer, this is kind of in that memory of that. So, every summer you get to remember that you get to have additional memories.”

“And it’s pretty cool because they do act like they know him, and stuff,” said Trevor’s father Tracy Haag. “A lot of them have been here all ten years, so far, now and they just keep coming back.”

The Trevor Haag Memorial Tournament, turning a tragedy into unity through the love of the game.

“I live in the big city but it’s amazing to me how a small town like this, people just come together and people make friends from strangers,” said Sosa.

“It just goes to show that the spirit and everything that baseball brings in honor of his name, in honor of Trevor’s name,” said Justin.

“It’s everybody, it’s everybody in the community that makes it happen,” said Jamie.

A big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts about Trevor and the tournament.

Proceeds made at the tournament are put in a trust to help local sports teams in the Orofino area with any financial needs. Also an award called the “Trevor Haag Award” is given out each year to one player who shows the most heart and spirit in the tournament.

The games go from July 18-21 at Orofino Elementary School, located at 1000 Michigan Avenue in Orofino. So if you’re looking for some good baseball and a great cause to contribute to, head on down.