Election Results 2012 Updates

Election Results 2012 Updates
Just since Monday, nearly 200 voters have taken to the polls.
Election Results 2012 UPDATED

Asotin County Results

Statewide Initiative Measure No. 1185 (Tax and fee increases imposed by state government)

Yes 64.5%
No 35.5%

Stateweide Initiative Measure No. 1240 (Creation of a public charter school system)

Yes 51%
No 49%

Statewide Referendum Measure No. 74 (Marriage for same-sex couples)

Yes 52%
No 48%

Statewide Initiative Measure No. 502 (Concerns Marijuana)

Yes 55.4%
No 44.6%

Countywide Asotin County Proposition No. 1

Yes 37.3%
No 62.7%

United States Senator (WA)

Maria Cantwell (Dem) 59.5%
Michael Baumgartner (Rep) 40.5%

U.S. Representative Dist 5 (WA)

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Rep) 62%
Rich Cowan (Dem) 38%

Washington State Governor

Jay Inslee (Dem) 51.2%
Rob McKenna (Rep) 48.8%

Washington State Lt. Governor

Brad Owen (Dem) 53.7%
Bill Finkbeiner (Rep) 46.3%

Washington Secretary of State

Kim Wyman (Rep) 50.6%
Kathleen Drew (Dem) 49.4%

Washington State Treasurer

Jim McIntire (Dem) 58%
Sharon Hanek (Rep) 42%

Washington State Auditor

James Watkins (Rep) 47.6%
Troy Kelley (Dem) 52.4%

Washington State Attorney General

Bob Ferguson (Dem) 52.8%
Reagan Dunn (Rep) 47.2%

Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands

Peter J. Goldmark (Dem) 57.8%
Clint Didier (Rep) 42.2%

Washington State Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler (Dem) 57.7%
John R. Adams (Rep) 42.3%

Asotin County Commissioner 1

Brian Shinn (Indep) 57.4%
Mark Wood (Rep) 42.6%

Asotin County Commissioner 2

Richard (Doc) Eggleston (Rep) 47.2%
Jim Fuller (Dem) 52.8%

EMS District 1 , Proposition 1 Tax Levy

Yes 65.9%
No 34.1%

EMS District 2 , Proposition 1 Excess Tax Levy

Yes 72.6%
No 27.4%

Public Utility District Commissioner 2

Kim Geist Jr. 34.4%
Don Nuxoll 65.6%

Nez Perce County

Representative in Congress District 1 (Statewide results)

Raul R. Labrador (Rep) 63%
Rob Oates (Lib) 3.9%
Pro-Life (Ind) 2.4%
Jimmy Farris (Dem) 30.8%

State Senator Legislative District 6

John Bradbury (Dem) 44.6%
Dan Johnson (Rep) 55.4%

State Representative Position A District 6

Pete Gertonson (Dem) 45.8%
Thyra K. Stevenson (Rep) 54.2%

State Representative Position B District 6

John Rusche (Dem) 52.3%
Daniel Santiago (Rep) 47.7%

Nez Perce County Commissioner District 1

Kevin P. Kelly (Dem) 37.5%
Bob Tippett (Rep) 62.54%

Nez Perce County Sheriff

Dale Buttrey (Dem) 49.6%
Joe Rodriguez (Rep) 50.4%

Nez Perce County Prosecuting Attorney

Dan Spickler (Rep) 62.5%
Kimron R. Torgerson (Dem) 37.5%

Shall Magistrate Jay P. Gaskill of Nez Perce County of the Second Judicial District be retained in office?

Yes 87%
No 13%

Shall Magistrate Gregory K. Kalbfleisch of Nez Perce County of the Second Judicial District be retained in office?

Yes 88.1%
No 11.9%

Shall Magistrate Kent J. Merica of Nez Perce County of the Second Judicial District be retained in office?

Yes 87.8%
No 12.2%

Initiative on usage and levying of fees, administrative fees, impact fees and special taxes in the City of Lewiston

Yes 62.4%
No 37.6%

Proposition 1 - Legislation limiting negotiated agreement (Statewide results)

Yes 42.7%
No 57.3%

Proposition 2 - Teacher Performance Pay (Statewide results)

Yes 42%
No 58%

Proposition 3 - Providing computing devises and online courses for HS graduation (Statewide results)

Yes 33.3%
No 66.7%

Whitman County

County Commissioner District 1

Art Swannack (Rep) 56%
Bill Tensfeld (Rep) 44%

County Commissioner District 2

Dean Kinzer (Rep) 60.5%
Pat O’Neal (Dem) 39.5%

Latah County

State Senator District 5

Gresham Bouma (Rep) 49%
Dan J. Schmidt (Dem) 51%

State Representative District 5 Pos A

Cindy Agidius (Rep) 50.3%
Paulette E. Jordan (Dem) 49.7%

State Representative District 5 Pos B

Kenneth B. De Vries (Rep) 46.4%
Shirley Gene Ringo (Dem) 53.6%

County Commissioner 1st District

Steve Cooke (Dem) 46.3%
Richard Walser (Rep) 53.7%

County Sheriff

Wayne Rauch (Rep) 52.8%
Keith G. Wilson (Dem) 47.2%