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Pullman’s projected 2014 budget revenue exceeds expectations

Pullman’s projected 2014 budget revenue exceeds expectations
PULLMAN, WA - The City of Pullman is developing its budget for 2014 and city administrators have a much more positive outlook than they did a year ago.

The council held a pre-budget workshop Tuesday night and City Supervisor Mark Workman explained that the projected general fund revenue is expected to exceed its expenditures by more than a million-dollars. He reminded the council that this time last year, the council was debating about what to cut in order to compensate for a $580,000 deficit.

"The 2014 budget that's being developed is still a conservative budget that restores service levels, but does not grow government," said Workman. "And it provides for restoring cash reserves to a reasonable level."

Workman said the city will likely have $4 million in cash reserves, which is about 24% of the operating budget. This is a significant improvement from last year's reserve level that was less than four-percent. Workman said the city's financial success is largely due to the property tax levies that Pullman voters overwhelmingly passed in August.
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