Demand for blood is increasingly high

Demand for blood is increasingly high
LEWISTON, ID - The Inland Northwest Blood Center has teamed up with local centers around the region as the summer months demand for blood increases.

L.C. Valley blood donations are nearly 50% lower than anticipated.

"There's such a terrific need in our area and all across the country," said Inland Northwest Blood Center Recruitment Coordinator Erin Meenach.

The Inland Northwest Blood Center is hopeful that by the end of this week, nearly 400 people will have donated blood.

"Any healthy people that are willing to do it, should come and help out," said blood donor Sam Wilkins.

According to the Mayo Clinic, only 35% of the population is eligible to donate blood. Of that, only 5% across the nation give blood.

"There is no age group that is exempt from needing blood," said Meenach.

"You literally impact somebody's life," said Inland Northwest Blood Center Phlebotomist Historian Jose Murillo. "You're saving a life."

Inland Northwest Blood Center is the only provider of blood to the regions hospitals. With every blood donation, there's the potential of saving up to three lives.

"Truly, everyone is going to know someone in their life time who is going to need blood, even themselves," said Wilkins. "We just really need people to know that they shouldn't wait for someone else to donate blood, you could safe lives that are so precious, it might even be yourself, or someone that you know."

"It's a gift, you're given the gift of life," said Murillo. "If somebody is ill in the hospital, whether it's cancer, new babies with the plasma, or just anybody. One in three people that going into the emergency room, actually end up using blood."

To meet the needs of 35 regional hospitals, INBC needs at least 150 blood donors everyday.

"People get sick every single day no matter when the time is, that's why we go out and do what we do," said Inland Northwest Blood Center Recruitment Coordinator Alicia Neely .

Though it's the hope that volunteers donate blood without needing any incentive, if you do need one, INBC has you covered with a chance to win a Hells Canyon Jet Boat Trip for four.

Donate with the Inland Northwest Blood Center in Lewiston at 1213 21st Street on June 11-15 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (special hours). In Moscow at Gritman Medical Center on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or Pullman Regional Hospital on Monday from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.