Work crews are the glue for jet boat marathon racers

Work crews are the glue for jet boat marathon racers
LEWISTON, ID - Jet boat crews were hard at work Tuesday making sure everything ran smoothly for the racers and their motors.

Crews typically range from four to 20 people who begin preparations for the event months in advance. Crews are responsible for repairing anything and everything that is thrown their way, which includes even a quick trip to the store for food and water.

"Pretty much, it is just get here in one piece and then get these guys in and out of the water, do lots of wrenching between races and legs," said Crew team member of 13 Tyrel Paul. "Do pretty much anything these guys need done before we get going."

"We kind of have a check list that we go through and then we help each other with the gassing, which I'm missing out on right now," said Crew team member of four Jayme White. "And then it just kind of folds as we go. We make sure we have food for the boys and fuel and do a lot of mental stuff with them."

The 2012 Toyota Weaver Seed World Jet Boat Marathon Championship will come to an end this Saturday. Crews will travel with the teams to Orofino tomorrow and finish the races up in Riggins.