2013 top memorable news stories on the Palouse

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Many 2013 news stories could continue to make headlines.
MOSCOW, ID - KLEW News covered a wide variety of stories on the Palouse in 2013, including everything from lengthy murder trials to promising research projects on the college campuses.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin gives us a look back at some of the most memorable news stories that happened on the Palouse this year.

"My body was really cold and I started crying, and I said, 'I can't do this anymore, I can't do this anymore," said defendant Daniel Lazcano.

At the Whitman County Courthouse, 2013 was the year brothers Frank and Daniel Lazcano were tried for the 2011 murder of Marcus Schur.

"He was looking into my eyes when he died," said defendant Frank Lazcano.

Frank Lazcano was found guilty of first degree murder in March, while Daniel had trials in February and June that both resulted in hung juries. A Spokane County jury found him guilty during his third trial in December.

"This has been a case about vigilantes," said Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy.

In March, Washington State University Instructor Doctor David Warner was assaulted outside the Adams Mall in Pullman.

"I'm very confident that arrests of those suspects are imminent," said Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins.

After almost two weeks of searching for the suspects, four people were arrested. Charges have yet to be filed.

The Grove Apartment Fire in July was another major story out of Pullman.

"Fire of that magnitude, you only see about one or two of those in your whole career," said Pullman Fire Chief Mike Heston.

Police arrested suspected arsonist Brian Kitchen after about a week of investigation. His jury trial is scheduled for March.

"And Rachael Anderson was never heard from again," said Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson.

At the Latah County Courthouse, murder charges were filed against Charles Capone and David Stone in relation to the 2010 disappearance of Rachael Anderson. Anderson's husband Capone will go to trial next March, but Stone entered an agreement with the state and pleaded guilty to Failure to Notify Law Enforcement or Coroner of Death.

"Mr, Stone had given information that we hope will help the investigators locate Rachael," said Thompson.

Stone is currently out of jail on bail.

2013 was a transitional year for the University of Idaho as they said goodbye to President Duane Nellis in May and selected a new leader in November.

"It's an incredible opportunity," said University of South Dakota Provost Chuck Staben. "I'm sure it's going to be an incredible challenge."

University of South Dakota Provost Chuck Staben will take over as the U of I's 18th president in March. For the last time in 2013, on the Palouse, Rachel Dubrovin, KLEW News.

Most of those stories will continue to make headlines in 2014. Be sure to tune in to KLEW News and we'll keep you updated on the latest.