Community Garden grows fresh vegetables for food bank in Clarkston

Community Garden grows fresh vegetables for food bank in Clarkston »Play Video
6,422 lbs. of tomatoes and squash have been delivered to the food bank.
CLARKSTON, WA - A local group of master gardeners is making a big impact on our small community one vegetable at a time.

KLEW News learns how a group of passionate vegetable growers is making sure every person in the valley gets a meal every day.

"This place is unique," said Clarkston Community Garden Founder, Dan Cease. "It's the only one of it's kind in the state of Washington."

"My wife wanted me to come down and have a garden bed," said Clarkston Community Garden Manager, John Freeman. "And I had just retired. I was emphatic about it. I want nothing to do with that. And here I am, four or five years later knee deep in this."

"We've been on this site which is about a-half acre behind Walla Walla Community College for two years," said Cease. "Our raised beds, which there's about a hundred of them. We rent them by the year and really it's a donation."

"We sold out this year," said Freeman. "But it'll renew again in January first."

"I just wish there was more people coming down to see what is being grown and the information, the learning experience of what's here," said Cease.

"Funny thing about Kale, is that Kale will survive this weather," said Freeman.

"Besides the raised beds we have the food bank area," said Cease. "The food bank wanted us to grow for them. And so we were harvesting during the peak times about 150-200 pounds of carrots a week. This year, I just made a delivery of tomatoes and squashes. 6,422 pounds. Which is a little over three tons."

"There's no substitute for fresh vegetables," said Freeman.

For just $10 you can rent a bed to grow your own produce at the garden. they have classes, a seed bank and free herbs available.
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