Missing storm drain covers creates safety hazard

Missing storm drain covers creates safety hazard
LEWISTON, ID - Various drains around Lewiston are missing their storm grate covers.

The Lewiston Police Department suspects the drain covers were stolen to be sold for scrap metal. So far, eight metal grates have disappeared, costing the city more than $2,000.

"The biggest issue for us is the safety hazards for us that are created when you get a hole that is approximately two-feet by two-feet just open on the side of the roadway," said Lewiston Police Department Captain Roger Lanier.

Officials ask anyone who spots a storm grate without cones safeguarding the area to report it to police. They've also contacted scrap recyclers and asked them to keep an eye out for the grate covers.

So far there are no suspects, however a vehicle of interest has been identified. Officers are attempting to locate a primer black 1991 full-size Chevy pickup. The vehicle may have an Idaho license plate of 6C40415.

If anyone knows the location of this vehicle or sees it, please contact the Lewiston Police Department at 746-0171.