Important ‘Palouse Cares’ food drive succeeds with volunteers going door-to-door

Important ‘Palouse Cares’ food drive succeeds with volunteers going door-to-door »Play Video
Sub-freezing cold weather didn’t stop volunteers from collecting food donations.
MOSCOW, ID - Christmas is right around the corner and dedicated volunteers got into the holiday spirit over the weekend by collecting donations for the largest food drive on the Palouse.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us why volunteers woke up early and braved the cold to support Palouse Cares.

There's only one way to describe the weather on the Palouse over the weekend.

"Cold," said U of I Student Breanna Wong. "My toes are so cold."

But the below-freezing temperatures didn't stop Palouse Cares volunteers from going door-to-door and collecting donations for local food banks.

"I talked to a family that actually donated because they said that they were the receivers of the benefits of Palouse Cares and they were really glad that we were still doing it," said Wong. "And I liked that this is kind of like a give and then give back."

Fifteen communities in Latah and Whitman county held Palouse Cares food drives on Saturday, and one of the largest ones was here at the Eastside Marketplace in Moscow.

"Palouse Cares is an incredible non-profit organization," said Moscow Food Bank Volunteer Terry Peterson. "And I think that the most important part is that anything collected, it goes distributed to the various different organizations."

"Palouse Cares is huge," said Trinity Food Pantry Director Bev Bafus. "It's the biggest drive of the year. And right now, our shelves are almost empty, so this is very, very important."

Food bank representatives said the need for donations is year-round, but the demand increases around the holidays.

"We serve about 150 families a week, and we have been seeing 20 to 25 new families new ones every week coming to our pantry," said Bafus.

Bafus said that some working families just don't have enough money for food after they pay heating and medical bills. She said it'd be difficult for her food bank to make it through the holiday season without the help of Palouse Cares.

"Oh this is huge, having all these young kids and all their energy is absolutely awesome," said Bafus.

Palouse Cares has been collecting donations for local food banks since 2006. So far, they've collected over 200,000 pounds of food.