Buy the Dozen Donuts in Moscow satisfies their customers’ sweet tooth

Buy the Dozen Donuts in Moscow satisfies their customers’ sweet tooth »Play Video
Making donuts went from fun to money making business for owner.
MOSCOW, ID - A local mother of four was simply looking for a new hobby when she bought a mini-donut machine off E-Bay five years ago, and now she’s running a successful business in downtown Moscow.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin introduces us to Kris Wallace and explains what makes her donut shop unique.

"I actually tried to get a business loan when I first started, and I was told it'll never work," said Buy the Dozen Donuts Owner, Kris Wallace.

Kris Wallace and her family moved to Moscow eight years ago.

"I was surprised to find there were no donut shops in the area," said Wallace.

Wallace said that after a trip to a mini-donut shop in Seattle, she decided to start making donuts of her own to sell at Moscow's Farmers Market.

"Somehow my husband went along with it and let me buy a donut machine, and we just set up as a walk-on vendor," said Wallace. "And it just took off. And before I knew it, it went from fun to money maker."

After a few years of being a farmers market favorite, Wallace decided to open up shop.

"I found it one afternoon, and immediately knew that this was the right place," said Wallace.

Wallace's shop here in downtown Moscow is small, and she's the only employee. But she's been open a year, and she said business is booming.

"When I first started it was just cinnamon and powdered sugar," said Wallace. "Now that I'm in the shop, I've started making frosted mini-donuts."

The shop is called "Buy the Dozen Donuts" and she currently has about a dozen flavors to choose from.

"One of my favorites is either huckleberry, or the little cinnamon sugar on it," said customer Francina Zimmerman.

"I like… it's like an Italian mocha donut," said customer Jesse Engebretson.

Customers seem to appreciate the size of the treats.

"I can eat three, and not feel bad," said Zimmerman. "And then give the rest to my co workers."

And the fact that it's a local business that's run by a local mother.

"One great thing about Moscow is that we have not only a great community, but a great local merchandise community, so I like to support my community," said Zimmerman.

You can find Buy the Dozen Donuts on Sixth Street in downtown Moscow, near the intersection of Main Street. It’s open Wednesday through Friday 7:00 to 11:00 a.m., and from 8:00 till 1:00 p.m. on weekends.