Whitman County Library District Levy appears on February ballot

Whitman County Library District Levy appears on February ballot »Play Video
Library district asks voters to pass levy to keep up with inflation.
COLFAX, WA - February 11th is the next election day in Whitman County, when some of the voters will decide whether to pass the Whitman County Library District Levy.

Voters in smaller town and unincorporated parts of the county will see the measure on their ballots. It would raise the library tax by about seven-cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. This would bring the library's levy rate of 50-cents per $1,000.

Whitman County Library Director Kristie Kirkpatrick said it'll prevent the library from having to cut hours or services.

"It really allows us to continue all the great services and programs and technology, all the things that our communities have come to depend upon," said Kirkpatrick.

Voters in Pullman, Rosalia, Colton and Uniontown will not see this on their ballot. Kirkpatrick said the library district needs to ask the voters for a levy lift every five years or so because Washington's Initiative747 one-percent property tax increase limit prevents the levy from keeping up with inflation.