Lewiston School Board admits mistake in selecting new board member

Lewiston School Board admits mistake in selecting new board member »Play Video
The school board is going to re-interview all applicants for the open position.
LEWISTON, ID - Lewiston School Board members are starting the selection process for a new board member all over again after they admit they made a mistake while interviewing candidates.

At Tuesday night's meeting, board members openly admitted they violated state code during the original selection process when they interviewed candidates and eventually selected Staci Baldwin to replace Brenda Forge, who resigned earlier this year.

The mistake was brought to light by David Estes from the watch-dog group "Taxpayers Against Unfair Taxation." He's calling for Board President Brad Rice and member Sheri Allen to resign over what he said are violations of several state statutes. Plus he also said they conspired to select certain people for the open position.

"If there's somebody there that's qualified that should be on that council then put them on the council," said spokesperson David Estes. "It doesn't matter who they're married to or who their business partner is, that doesn't count."

"I'm not going to dignify any allegation like that," said Rice. "That is absolutely, positively wrong. And there's no question in my mind that that is just a rabbit hole."

Rice said they're going to re-interview all the applicants for the position in a couple of weeks.