Leader Dogs for the Blind cyclist visits Clarkston Lion's Club

Leader Dogs for the Blind cyclist visits Clarkston Lion's Club
CLARKSTON, WA - A man from La Center, Washington is taking a trans-American solo bike ride to raise money and awareness for Leader Dogs of the Blind.

Mark Mansell started last Saturday in Portland, Oregon and estimates he will arrive to his goal of Portland, Maine in about 63 days. The tour is being completed in partnership with Leader Dogs for the Blind as well as Lion's Clubs, a group that not only Mansell is a part of but is key to the Leader Dog organization's funding every year. Mansell stopped through Clarkston Tuesday night to speak to the local Lion's Club about his journey.

"I think when my wife Deb said, you need to raise money for Leader Dogs, I said that's a good idea," said Mansell. "And I sent them an e-mail and they tease me about it now because I said I'm just one guy."

"I think it's incredible to do something so nice for the community and to help other people, I think it's just fantastic," said Clarkston Lion's Club member Melissa Orsburne.

Mansell said they've already raised about $20,000. He believes they will fly past their goal of $35,000 in no time.

To donate to Leader Dogs for the Blind or to follow Mansell throughout his journey, go to www.cyclingforleaderdogs.org.