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Fake website for Bennet Bikes uses City of Lewiston as place of business

Fake website for Bennet Bikes uses City of Lewiston as place of business
LEWISTON, ID - The good, the bad and the internet...A world that opens up the doors for learning, but sometimes leaves it open for scammers to steal your personal information.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio tells us about a scam that's using the City of Lewiston as a cover to disguise their deceitful ways.

With the push of a button just about anything can be bought, and that's because the Internet provides us with a marketplace at our fingertips. Unfortunately scammers also recognize the great potential of cyberspace.

"Last week I got a call from a deputy back in the mid-west who said that he had got information from somebody in reference to Bennet Bikes," said LPD Lieutenant Budd Hurd.

In addition to that call potential customers of Bennet Bikes have been calling the Lewiston Police Department from as far away as Ireland wondering about bikes that are just too good to be true .

"We have determined that the website was created in August of this year," said Hurd.

A business that looks more than legitimate online, however looks can be deceiving?

"It's suppose to be located at at 2650 16th avenue in Lewiston, that address doesn't exist," said Hurd.

Directly behind me is where Bennet Bikes is suppose to be, but as you can see it's nothing more than an empty field. A problem that LPD is working on."

"If you notice no phone numbers just an email and it shows a nice big warehouse that doesn't exist," said Hurd.

Lewiston Licensing Department has never issued a business license to Bennet Bikes. And while it seems pretty cut and clear that this is a scam, finding the people who hide behind the internet can be a difficult task.

"It looks like it was created in California on a yahoo account," said Hurd.

LPD will issue a subpoena on the account information.

Lieutenant Hurd said that what stands out the most about this particular site is that the bikes are being sold for about half of their retail prices. And if it seems too good to be true online, often times it is.
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