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Sinclair Broadcasting government shutdown poll has stunning results

Sinclair Broadcasting government shutdown poll has stunning results
LEWISTON, ID - The partial shutdown of the federal government is in its second day and as of now, there's no end in sight.

Congressional leaders met at the White House to meet with President Barack Obama, to discuss the second day of a government shutdown that's put an estimated 800,000 federal employees out of work. White House Secretary Jay Carney said the meeting would not be a negotiation because the president is calling for House Speaker John Boehner to bring the short-term spending bill to the house floor for a vote.

Sinclair Broadcasting conducted a national poll about this very issue. the stunning results are in... take a look...

36 of our sister stations asked this of the general public, "Should you be allowed to recall members of congress for allowing the federal government to shut down?" More than 16,000 people voted, and 14,000 said, yes, we should have the right to recall members of congress. That's about 85% of all who voted. About 2,000 people voted no.

Many are upset with politicians; however the U.S. constitution doesn't allow recall of elected members of congress once they're in office.
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