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How government shutdown affects L-C Valley

How government shutdown affects L-C Valley
LEWISTON, ID - It's not quite doomsday, but some might argue it's close. The federal government is in partial shutdown Tuesday after congressional gridlock.

KLEW News shares how we'll be affected by these changes here in the Valley.

It's political gridlock at the Capital Tuesday. Congressional Republicans are fighting Democrats and President Barack Obama on the nation's health care law. And as a result of disagreements over Obamacare, Congressional Republicans voted to stop essential federal funding.

"The discretionary program's are effected by the shutdown," said Asotin County Health District Administrator, Brady Woodbury. "Mandatory programs would continue no matter what. At least for awhile. But the discretionary programs, they have no new funding after today."

Woodbury said a program they run that helps provides nutritional care to women, children and infants has funding for a solid nine days, but after that they won't be able to provide help.

"We do have several staff here who work in the WIC program that would be affected if this goes past nine days," said Woodbury.

The U.S. Forest Service is operating minimally. The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is closing recreation sites, turning water off at developed campsites, and locking up some restrooms for the season. But the F.A.A. run Lewiston Nez-Perce County Regional Airport Control Tower is considered essential and isn't closing down.

"Safety functions are not being furloughed so as of this point we are unaffected," said Airport Manager, Robin Turner.

Departments like the T.S.A. are considered law enforcement and are still functioning also.
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