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Sams organizes shoe drive for a Distinguished Young Women of ID. Project

Sams organizes shoe drive for a Distinguished Young Women of ID. Project
GENESEE, ID - A Genesee High School student spent her summer running her own unique drive for charity.

Palouse Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us what she’s asking people to donate and why her hard work has already paid off.

Kamri Sams is about to start her senior year at Genesee High School, so it's not surprising that she has a large collection of shoes.

"I currently have 1,012 pairs of shoes," said Genesee High School Senior Kamri Sams.

But Sams isn't trying to make a fashion statement. In July, she single-handedly organized a shoe drive on the Palouse to send them to people in need.

"They go to impoverished countries in South America and Africa," said Sams.

It's part of a Distinguished Young Women of Idaho project. 40 girls across the state were asked to collect a thousand pairs of shoes by the end of August.

"680 million pairs of shoes are thrown away every year in this country," said Sams. "And so, you look around the world and you realize how many people don't have shoes and how that limits them."

Sams has a week left, but she already exceeded her goal.

"I just started to make flyers and print them, and ask around businesses to put donation boxes up," said Sams.

"It was amazing to see the community support come in, and she reached her thousand shoes, which I was happy and very surprised," said sister Courtney Sams.

"Even if I didn't hit a thousand, that wouldn't matter," said Sams. "It's just about the experience that I have collecting the shoes. And it really is about helping the people that need the shoes. That's what the main goal is."

Right now, you're looking at over a thousand pairs of shoes. They took up so much space in Sams' house that she had to move them into her high school greenhouse.

"Yep. I tossed in pairs, my older sister tossed in pairs," said Courtney. "Dad, mom, everybody."

"I feel a lot more relieved now that I don't have to worry about meeting a deadline, but now I'm excited to see how many more I can actually get," said Sams.

If you have any extra pairs of shoes that you'd like to donate, Sams still has donation boxes at the Genesee School, Tri-State in Moscow, and Pullman Regional Hospital.
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