Lewiston School Board votes in Staci Baldwin for open seat

Lewiston School Board votes in Staci Baldwin for open seat »Play Video
Baldwin’s community involvement was a big factor in the selection.
LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston School Board just finished the selection process for a new board member.

This is the second time though, after a previous mistake in the selection process, however the result actually turned out the same.

After asking identical questions to each of the four candidates, once again it's Staci Baldwin who claimed the most votes. In November the board also voted in Baldwin, however because they violated state code during the original selection process, interviews were held again. For candidate Mike Lorenz and Board President Brad Rice, moving past previous issues is easier said than done.

"This issue has been raised that I may have a conflict of interest with one of the candidates, Staci Baldwin," said Lewiston School Board President, Brad Rice. "But out of caution I consulted our council and he does not believe that I have a conflict of interest."

"I think Staci would be great but it puts her in a bad position," said Lewiston School Board candidate, Mike Lorenz. "And so it should be a good lesson to you guys to keep things on the up and up and you'll have no problem."

Board member Dale Yochum was the only member to not vote for Baldwin. Community involvement was a big factor in her selection. She'll serve until 2015.