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New bike rack artwork vandalized in downtown Lewiston

New bike rack artwork vandalized in downtown Lewiston
LEWISTON, ID - Many in our community are upset following the vandalizing of a newly-installed piece of artwork that sits along Fifth Street in Lewiston.

Matthew Swartz is an avid skateboarder and on a sunny days, he's on his wheels all day. Swartz, like other skaters, bikers and rollerbladers enjoys riding around the Valley to practice tricks, flips and kicks. But a recent incident on Fifth Street in Lewiston has made it significantly harder for him and others to enjoy the outdoors.

"Usually you stay away from public spots like that are going to get everybody else in trouble because it's not only you that looks bad, it makes the rest of us look bad," said Swartz.

Swartz said an unwritten code amongst skaters and bikers was broken this week, when someone used a newly installed bike rack to skid down.

It's a simple trick like this, that can cause a whole lot of damage.

"The project was just completed recently so it's a shame that it has to occur," said Lewiston Parks and Recreation Director Tim Barker.

The piece sits in front of the new location of Lewiston Library and is one of the many pieces of art installed to add color and life to the Fifth Street area.

"Typically a cost for that would be $200 to $300 to re-powder coat it," said Barker.

And on top of that cost Barker said in order to fix the artwork by Gary Lehman, they'll have to dismantle the whole piece.

"We'll probably just leave it as is and if there's some easier corrective action that we can do on site then we'll try to do that," said Barker.

Barker said the City of Lewiston is responsible for any maintenance fees of the artwork. The Woven Hills Bike Rack wasn't cheap to start with, It's ticket price sits at about $2,100.
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