Representatives are selected to discuss Whitcom dispatch contract

Representatives are selected to discuss Whitcom dispatch contract »Play Video
Leaders from City of Clarkston, City of Asotin and Asotin County are chosen.
CLARKSTON, WA - Leaders from Asotin County have chosen representatives to outline future dispatch agreements.

This after a lengthy meeting last week between representatives from the City of Clarkston, the City of Asotin and Asotin County. They are at odds about the current dispatch contract with Whitcom E-911.

The City of Clarkston contends they've been paying more than their share over the last five years. But in an attempt to move forward, the groups have elected representatives to negotiate the future five-year contract.

"It would work quicker with less friction if we had committee members made up of no politicians, no lawyers or professional staffers," said Asotin County Commissioner, Brian Shinn.

The City of Asotin is still deciding who to send to the meetings. Asotin County Fire Department No1 is seeking guidance from their board but the representatives will likely be Fire Chief Noel Hardin and Assistant Chief Mike Hohman.

The City of Clarkston chose Police Chief Joel Hastings and Fire Chief Steve Cooper. And Asotin County chose Chief Financial Officer Chris Kemp, E-911 Coordinator Dan Hally and Emergency Management Coordinator Butch Aiken.