Man being transported attacks Clarkston ambulance driver

Man being transported attacks Clarkston ambulance driver
CLARKSTON, WA - A Clarkston Fire Department Ambulance driver is nursing a wound after a man being transported attacked him and then escaped.

"The ambulance crew eventually stopped and let the patient out," said Clarkston Fire Department Chief Steve Cooper.

According to Cooper, 41-year-old Jason Hundrup, of Asotin, was being relocated from Asotin County to Eastern State Hospital early Sunday morning when he began threatening EMS personnel. The crew was able to calm Hundrup down after his his first attempt to squeeze through the nearly 18-inch doorway to the drivers compartment from the patient care area.

"The crew was able to talk him back into the back and got him to return to the area he was supposed to be in," said Cooper.

Once Hundrup cooperated, he got back into the gurney he was originally buckled into. But then, within ten minutes, he unbuckled and moved forward once more.

"It's pretty surprising that not only did the patient become really agitated, but he became agitated and threatened the crew and threatened the safety of the vehicle as he entered the cab from the back, and tried to grab the steering wheel, and ended up biting the hand of the driver," said Cooper.

Fortunately, after Hundrup's first attempt to come forward, EMS called 911. After he attacked a second time, a crew member was able to pull him off the driver through the passenger door. Hundrup escaped and ran to a nearby house on Klaveano Road and allegedly threw a yard ornament through a window.

"He took that piece of concrete and think this door was the first thing he tried to open and he hit it and there's quite a dent in the door," said farmhouse owner Lee McGuire. "And then he couldn't get the door open so then he must have just thrown it as hard as he could at the window."

Once Hundrup was unable to get into the home, he ran and hid under a bridge. But Hundrup wasn't smart enough to outsmart the McGuire family, and left an easy path to follow through their pea field.

According to Cooper, it took six officers and three shots from a taser to restrain him.

Hundrup is currently in the Whitman County Jail where he's charged with Third Degree Assault and two Counts of Malicious Mischief.