Cowan says his moderate views are why he is the ideal candidate

Cowan says his moderate views are why he is the ideal candidate
CLARKSTON, WA - Rich Cowan, a candidate for the Washington Fifth Congressional District touched base with constituents Wednesday in Clarkston.

Democratic candidate for the fifth congressional district Rich Cowan said if elected, he will stand for issues that are best for his constituents and not necessarily along his party line. He says his moderate views are why he is the ideal candidate for the position.

"We have the worst congress ever," said Cowan. "Partisan bickering on both sides. We need to come together and do what's right for people, that's really the whole mission while we're down here, is to be here letting people know that."

Cowan went door-belling through Clarkston on Wednesday, and he says he'll be visiting voters right up until the election. He says his opponent Cathy McMorris Rodgers keeps strong ties the Republican party.

"My opponent is very partisan and votes party line 96% of the time," said Cowan. "I'm much more of a bi-partisan person come together and do what's right for people."

Cowan says his goal if elected is to focus on job creation for the district. Cowan is the co-owner and co-founder of North by Northwest, a video production company based in Spokane. He says it's his experience as a business owner that helps him understand the needs of his constituents.

"We need jobs and we need family wage jobs," said Cowan. "That's something I've done at North by Northwest for the last 22-years, bring jobs into this area."

He says he'll bring job growth to the area by lowering the corporate tax rate by half, for companies that hire within the country.

"You hire Americans, you get your corporate tax rate cut in half," said Cowan. "They'll free up capital for people to hire more workers."

Cowan said he's excited for the election and is visiting as many areas of the district as he can before November 6th.

"It's been a great experience all year," said Cowan. "I'm excited, it's going to be a very close election, every vote is going to count."

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We'll hear from his opponent, incumbent Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers next week.