Expansion & new hotel will accommodate visitors to Pullman

Expansion & new hotel will accommodate visitors to Pullman
PULLMAN, WA - Any Coug fan can tell you that when football season rolls around, it's nearly impossible to find a hotel room in Pullman.

"We've actually had a lot of people spend nights in Spokane when they could actually be doing it here," said Mayor Glenn Johnson.

Luckily, that's all about to change. Right now, the Hilltop Inn is in the process of building an expansion on the hotel that will add more than 50 new rooms. They're hoping to have the rooms ready in February, just in time for Mom's weekend at WSU.

On top of that, WSU has plans to build a whole new hotel right on campus. It's an addition that the university and the city will benefit from greatly.

"It's 131 rooms, and it's definitely needed for this community," said Johnson. "Anytime we have a football event, anytime we have graduation, anytime we have some major events in the community, we definitely could use those."

"But it also means that we're going to collect more lodging tax dollars and that's money that gets to stay in the community in order to market the community to more visitors to bring them into the Pullman area," said Pullman Tourism Director Vicki Leeper.

But the hotels won't be the only ones that will be raking in the dough. Visitors have a positive impact on all local businesses.

"Well every time we bring in a visitor, they typically spend about $115-$150 a day," said Leeper. "So that includes gas, sometimes auto repair, shopping, meals, as well as the lodging."

The images have been released by the University to give an idea of what the hotel will look like, but the final product will look more like the rest of the buildings on campus. The hotel will be a Residence Inn by Marriott, and it will be built by a construction company based in Colorado that will lease the land from the university.