The vote for board members of Area of City Impact turned counterproductive

The vote for board members of Area of City Impact turned counterproductive »Play Video
Both sides argued about nominees for the Area of City Impact Board.
LEWISTON, ID - As the city of Lewiston continues to thrive and grow, so do the city limits. As those boundaries expand, the question of who's going to regulate that area is being hotly debated.

In a joint meeting Wednesday morning between Nez Perce County Commissioners and Lewiston City Council members, both sides argued about city impact board nominees. Lewiston city leaders were ready to nominate and vote on applicants and get the process moving forward, but Nez Perce County Commissioners weren't.

Lewiston Mayor Kevin Poole argued Nez Perce County Commissioners are neglecting to follow the legal time line for the process.

"I'm just personally disappointed that kind of coming in unprepared to move on with the process when you knew fully well what the statute says," said Poole.

"The start to this process that I see going on today is very counterproductive and it's not going to get us anywhere," said Nez Perce County Prosecuting Attorney, Dan Spickler.

The committee scheduled a date in December to review any applicants who want to be on the board. Two members of the Lewiston City Council voted against the continuance and made it clear they weren't happy about the extended application deadline.

Once the three board members are selected, they'll help the city and county regulate building and planning decisions in the impact area which is just outside the Lewiston city limits.