Agidius opposes sending natural resources out of state

Agidius opposes sending natural resources out of state »Play Video
Cindy Agidius.
MOSCOW, ID - In Latah and Benewah counties, Cindy Agidius is the the republican candidate running for Legislative Seat 5-A.

Like many of the candidates on November's ballot, Agidius is primarily concerned about the state's economy, and she believes that improvements need to come from the local level. Agidius believes that Latah and Benewah counties should create local jobs in agriculture and timber, as opposed to sending those natural resources out of the state.

"We need to be milling that lumber, turning it into furniture, whatever it might be, we need to be doing that here," said Agidius. "And those kind of jobs are important and can really make a difference for Idaho."

Agidius believes that the government's role is to create a hospitable environment for businesses to thrive in, and she supports less regulation and taxation. Education is another big issue on Idaho's ballot, and Agidius generally supports Propositions One, Two, and Three, but she believes that if the voters decide to pass them, the legislation will need some improvement. Agidius has twelve years of experience as a businesswoman in real estate. She has also worked for two US Senators.