Atheist billboard in Moscow hit again

Atheist billboard in Moscow hit again
MOSCOW - An atheist billboard in Moscow has become the target of vandals for the second time in three weeks.

The billboard is on the corner of Jackson Street and U.S. 95 on the south end of the city. It reads, "Millions are Good Without God."

The American Humanist Association (A.H.A.), which sponsors the billboard, quickly replaced it after the word "without" was blacked out on October 21.

Moscow Police said sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. Wednesday, the word “without” was hit again, this time leaving the sign reading, "Millions are Good With God."

The A.H.A. calls it a religiously-motivated vandalism, attempting to silence a minority viewpoint. A.H.A. President David Niose called the continuous vandalism ironic, saying, "Some individuals are committing criminal acts while apparently claiming that their religious view of the world leads to good behavior. It's not a very convincing argument on their part."

Moscow Police said they check the area up to seven times a night, and are now recommending Lamar Outdoor, the property owner, keep the lights on around the clock.

The A.H.A. Plans to replace the billboard again, but has not decided whether or not they'll go with the same design.