Kids will have opportunity to get swine flu shots at school

Kids will have opportunity to get swine flu shots at school
CLARKSTON - Students throughout the Valley will soon be offered the swine flu vaccine at school.

"Carol Moehrle and I met today with representatives of the school systems to determine if they wanted us to vaccinate in the schools and secondly how they wanted to do it and we've got our plan together," said Asotin County Health District Administrator Joe Lillard. "Right now we are waiting to see when we will get the vaccine and then we will start vaccinating the kids."

Lillard said they expect to get the H1N1 vaccine delivered in mid-October. They will then schedule school clinics.

Lillard said students will not be required to get the shot.

"This is not mandatory, it is a voluntary program," said Lillard. "I strongly encourage parents to get their children immunized, but that's a personal choice and if they decide they don’t want to do it, it's there decision."

Lillard said that children are at high risk to get the new flu.

"The population in the schools is the population at most risk for H1N1," said Lillard. "We are starting to see that already with school absenteeism and people being sick, so yes we think it is a good way to reduce the incidents of H1N1 in the schools."