Thanksgiving Day is Black Friday Eve

Thanksgiving Day is Black Friday Eve
LEWISTON - As you might have discovered, most businesses were closed on this holiday.

Wal-Mart was among the retail outlets closed Thursday, leavings some hopeful shoppers empty handed.

But K-Mart was open and busy with Thanksgiving consumers. But were people really out shopping Thanksgiving Day you might ask?

"I'm shopping because my remote broke and I have five grand kids up here from Utah," said K-Mart shopper Phyllis Collins. "And, we cannot have a television without a remote. We're ready to munch and lay around. I have my grandkids, so it's going to be fun. We're going home to put the turkey in in just a few minutes. It's always nice to come back home."

K-Mart was also busy preparing for tomorrow, dubbed Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.

"Our store will be well-staffed," said K-Mart Assistant Manager, Cyndi Eck. "We've got all of our ad-merchandise out for tomorrow, so it will be easy to get to. Both today and tomorrow we'll be doing raffles all throughout the different departments. We've got our Christmas department pretty loaded. We're getting ready for the Christmas decorating as well as gifts."

But if you're searching for two specific items, you won't find them here.

"Well, we do not have TMX Elmo and we do not have Play Station 3," said Eck. "The video games, stations, we could be getting those in for Christmas. They're on allotment until they get here."