Mobile scooter park could become a reality

Mobile scooter park could become a reality »Play Video
Scooters are a growing trend
LEWISTON, ID - Since banning scooters at the skate board park last spring Lewiston Parks and Rec Commission has made it a priority to find an alternate location for the growing trend and that solution could come as early as November.

According to Director Tim Barker, he's been looking for the past year at what other cities have been doing and trends within the scooter world. Barker said he's leaning towards a modular product that could be moved around the city as needed.

"Layout that is about like a U shape, would fit on the tennis court and we would be able to assemble it,” said Barker. “Place it in one spot and then the next year we can move it somewhere else so it's something we can move throughout the community so kids within those certain areas would be able to utilize it."

If everything goes as planned they're hoping to get this product as early as November.