Humanists’ billboards promote thought and dispel a common misconception

Humanists’ billboards promote thought and dispel a common misconception »Play Video
Humanists’ take their message to billboards
MOSCOW, ID - “God works in mysterious ways,” is a common saying, and one Moscow group decided to take that phrase and tweak it.

The Humanists of the Palouse currently sponsor three bright pink billboards in Moscow that display the saying, “GOOD works in non-mysterious ways.”

The group said Humanists are non-religious and reject the supernatural; relying on science, democracy and reason as well as human compassion.

That’s why the group chose to mimic a religious saying with a non-religious message of goodwill.

They got the billboards to promote thought and dispel what they feel is a common misconception.

“The thing we run into as humanists, certainly for those of us that are atheist, is the idea that you can’t be good or moral without some sort of religious guidance and so a strong part of humanism is that you can be good to others and have a sense of community and really be a good person,” said Humanists of the Palouse Treasurer Matt Williamson.

In order to promote a sense of community, the Humanists of the Palouse meet weekly to discuss contemporary and philosophical issues and to socialize.

If you are interested in joining, check the Humanist’s website for more information at