The annual Joseph Days Parade is a staple event for the picturesque community

The annual Joseph Days Parade is a staple event for the picturesque community »Play Video
Chief Joseph Days in Joseph, Oregon
JOSEPH OR – A little town nestled against the foothills of the Wallowa Mountains came alive over the weekend.

Here is what the four day celebration means for the small town of Joseph, Oregon.

On any typical day the population in Joseph, Oregon is just over 1,000 people, however, this weekend was far from average as numbers swelled to gigantic proportions.

“There’s estimates of anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 people that come to town,” said Joseph Days Rodeo Director Terry Jones.

“It’s really busy this time of year, it turns into a major metropolitan area, people everywhere, cars everywhere,” said Joseph Days Parade Color guard Mike Teece.

The 69th Chief Joseph Days brought people from all over the world once again. Some for their very first time while for others the trip is now tradition.

“I live in Austin Texas so it’s not easy for me to get back here,” said Chief Joseph Days Past Royalty Elaina Perez Griffiths. “But a lot of my high school classmates come; we come at this time because we know we’re all going to be here.”

The annual Joseph Days Parade is a staple event for the picturesque community.

“This is obviously the biggest event that happens in Joseph and it’s had some bad times but I think we’re into the good times now,” said Griffiths.

With 20% of all tourist dollars made in this week alone it’s no surprise that local business are loving the crowds.

“It’s a peak time for us,” said The Fly Shop Owner Rob Lamb. “We just have to make sure our inventories are full and we have some extra help.

For everyone who is anyone, I’ve learned that Joseph Days it much more than parades and sales, it’s about celebrating a lifestyle.

“We consider Joseph to be more a part of Montana than Oregon, it’s just that cowboy country,” said Lamb. “It’s serious cowboy country and I like that aspect of it.”

Activities are just limited to the days, as Chief Joseph Days turn into Chief Joseph Nights at the 69th annual rodeo.

“We’ve got contestants all the way from Texas, California, Oklahoma, Louisiana,” said Jones. “Of course we’ve got a lot of the circuit cowboys. So, yeah, they come from all over.”

Just as quick as they came, everyone leaves. That is until next year.

“Looking forward to next year, number 70, it’s going to be a biggy,” said Jones.

While the Festivities have come and gone, Lamb encourages everyone to make the trip to Joseph. He said excellent snow pack is providing for some even better fly fishing this time of the year.