Investment of tax dollars designed to creates doctors in Idaho

Investment of tax dollars designed to creates doctors in Idaho »Play Video
Students have more research opportunities available through INBRE
MOSCOW, ID - More than $16-million worth of Federal grant money will go to increase Idaho’s competitiveness for biomedical research funding, with the research network based out of the University of Idaho.

The National Institutes of Health recently renewed a $16.3-million grant that funds hundreds of faculty and students from ten higher education institutions from across the state, including the U of I, Lewis-Clark State College and Boise State University.

This network was created in 2001 and is called the ‘Idaho Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence’ or INBRE for short.

"One of the things that INBRE has done across the state is change the culture at many of the primarily undergraduate teaching institutions," said INBRE Director Professor Carolyn Bohach.

Bohach said the Network helps undergraduate students become medical doctors and scientists by providing more research opportunities.

There is currently a group of INBRE students in Moscow working on summer research fellowships.

Bohach said it’s an investment of tax dollars that creates doctors in Idaho and ultimately improves the state’s overall health.