High-tech equipment is being used in the search for Rachael Anderson

High-tech equipment is being used in the search for Rachael Anderson »Play Video
Rachael Anderson disappearance still a mystery
CLARKSTON, WA - The search for the body of Rachael Anderson continues today on what would have been her 45th birthday.

Rachael Anderson has been missing for four years now. The search, which started up again on Sunday, is a multi-agency effort involving the US Coast Guard, Asotin County Sheriff's Office, Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office, and Asotin County Fire Department.

"It's been a tough case and a long four years,” said Asotin County Sheriff’s Office’s Captain Dan Hally.

Today would marked Rachael's 45th birthday and Hally said they'd love to bring her home today but, no matter what, they'll continue working vigorously.

"It's a big push for us,” said Hally. “It just comes down to having the equipment and resources available, which is never easy, but it's a case that certainly deserves the effort."

There's an Idaho couple who've been using their high-tech equipment to help with the search. Gene Ralston and his wife Sandy are using what's called side scan sonar which is a system that creates images of things on the bottom of the lake.

"It uses sound, which works a lot like light, because it illuminates the bottom with sound,” said Gene Ralston. “Then, the computer software converts the reflections into a plan view, just like you're looking straight down on it."

They've been recovering bodies and objects around the US and Canada since 1993. In the last 14 years they've found 94 people varying in depths of five feet to more than 500 feet.

"We're going to do everything we can and continue searching until we've done everything we can do to help bring her home," said Gene Ralston.

Crews will continue searching through the end of the week.

Fifty-two-year-old Charles Capone is scheduled to stand trial on the 23rd of this month in connection with her disappearance. He's charged with first degree murder.