And who ever said lentils can't taste delicious?

And who ever said lentils can't taste delicious? »Play Video
Idaho is a top producer of pulse crops
LEWISTON, ID - The passing of a comprehensive farm bill is being celebrated by farmers and students alike.

Today US Senator Mike Crapo and agricultural leaders spoke to students at Jennifer Junior High in Lewiston.

The Senator talked about the bill and the positive effects it has on all Idahoans.

The state of Idaho has some of the best climate and soil to grow crops. And while Idaho is known for their potatoes, they are quickly becoming known around the country and world for a whole lot more.

“As the population of the world grows we are going to be one of the major world providers,” said Crapo. “Idaho is one of the top states in the nation right now in dairy production and cheese, we are one of the top producers of potatoes we are one of the top producers of pulse crops.”

Pulse crops are peas, lentils, chick peas and dried beans, and in the new farm bill it's these super foods that were showcased at Jenifer Junior High today.

"The Pulse Crop Health Initiative is the research project which will alleviate global hunger as well as disease,” said CEO of the U.S. Pea, Lentil Chickpea Council Tim McGreevy. “That's the investment that Senator Crapo and the other senators and representatives have made in the future.”

“It's got thirteen different titles and the agriculture production title is only one of them, there are energy titles, rural development titles, research titles, conservation titles,” said Crapo.

One of the initiatives introduced by the republican senator was to promote those crops in school nutrition. So not only would farmers benefit but also the kids would benefit.

"We want to help these individuals throughout the state get foods in the school lunch program that include pulse crops," said U of Instructor Katie Miner.

And who ever said lentils can't taste delicious?

"So the lentils you're consuming right now were grown right here in this region," said McGreevy.

The students all loved their lentil cake pops and if you want to try something creative while supporting local farmers, we posted the recipe to our Facebook! Just search KLEW News and like the page to join.