Robbery could be an inside job

Robbery could be an inside job »Play Video
Someone makes off with the dough
LEWIS-CLARK VALLEY - Not one, but two Papa Murphy's stores in the Valley are at a loss after robbers got away with thousands of dollars in cash.

Officers said safes in both the Clarkston and Lewiston locations were flushed out, sometime Monday night after closing. Approximately $4,000 were taken from each of the safes, but neither the Clarkston Police Department nor the Lewiston Police Department have any suspects at this time. According to Clarkston Detective Sergeant Richard Muszynski, there wasn't any video surveillance to examine, but signs are pointing to an inside job.

"We're looking at employees, lists of employees and former employees as suspects at this time," said Muszynski.

The Lewiston store is located in the 100 block of Thain Road. While the Clarkston location is in the 600 block of Maple Street. If you have any information about the unknown suspects in this case, you're urged to call either police station in Lewiston or Clarkston.