Nisbet watched five witnesses testify against him

 Nisbet watched five witnesses testify against him »Play Video
Nisbet is charged with murder
MOSCOW, ID – The man accused of shooting Charles McMichael to death at the Bel Air Mobile Home Park in Moscow in November has been bound over to district court.

Nathaniel Nisbet was recently bound over to district court on a second degree murder charge.

"Nathan has shot my husband," said Witness Molly McMichael.

Nisbet watched five witnesses testify against him during his preliminary hearing Thursday morning. The first was the victim's wife, Molly McMichael.

"Can you describe the noise," asked Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson.

"It sounded like glass breaking is what it sounded like,” said McMichael. “It was three or four times."

McMichael said that on the day of the shooting, she went with her husband and her best friend, Erica Rossomando, to change the locks on Rossomondo's trailer. Rossomondo is Nisbet's wife, but she said they are currently separated and Nisbet wasn't supposed to be at her home that day.

"Erica yelled outside to call 911, so I called 911," said McMichael.

Rossomando said Charles McMichael went inside the trailer to confront Nisbet, and then she heard a series of gunshots.

"He was face down on the floor," said Rossomando.

"The evidence is that Mr. Nisbet shot Mr. McMichael not just one, or not just twice, or not just three times initially very quickly, but shot him multiple times," said Thompson.

Thompson said Nisbet intentionally killed Charles McMichael, while Nisbet's attorney claims it was self-defense.

"Mr, Nisbet was just merely responding to fear," said Defense Attorney Deb McCormick.

In the end, Magistrate John Judge decided the state demonstrated enough probable cause to have the case bound over to district court for trial.

Nisbet's next court appearance is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Monday, December 23rd

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