The jury said Daniel Lazcano is guilty

The jury said Daniel Lazcano is guilty »Play Video
Lazcano is found guilty
COLFAX, WA – The verdict is in for the third trial of one of the men accused of killing Marcus Schur.

The jury said Daniel Lazcano is guilty.

Defense Attorney Eric Christianson said Lazcano was convicted of murder in the first degree. He said the jury deliberated for about three hours, and for the defense team, the verdict was simply disappointing.

"They came back with the highest charge they could come up with,” said Christianson. “And I guess shocked is as shocked as I can be."

Lazcano had two trials in Whitman County earlier this year. Both resulted in hung juries.

Daniel Lazcano and his brother Frank Lazcano were accused of murdering Schur in Malden in December of 2011.

Frank Lazcano was also found guilty of first degree murder and is currently serving time in state prison.

Daniel Lazcano is scheduled to be sentenced in Whitman County by the Spokane County judge on January 31st.