Jack Frost is knocking at your door whether you're ready or not

Jack Frost is knocking at your door whether you're ready or not »Play Video
Protect yourself against the cold
LEWISTON, ID - The winter freeze is sweeping over the region without much of a warning this year, but here are different techniques you can still implement to protect your house from the harsh winter.

A dry and frigid winter, that's the prediction by the Farmer's Almanac this year. And colder than normal temperatures means protecting your home from Jack Frost.

"A lot of manufactured homes and/or mobile homes are a larger concern," said Ziggy’s Contractor Kyle Augestein.

Augestein said covering exterior pipes with insulation keeps your water pipes from freezing.

"You know it's very expensive to get those pipes replaced,” said Augestein. “So you're going to have to access them whether it is in the ground or under the home coming into the home."

Outdoor faucets need to be covered too.

"You're going to insulate that,” said Augestein. “It's going to hold the heat from the home and it'll keep the cold from penetrating."

But what about bugs? In this cold weather it seems like they'd die off. But according to Mel Wilks of Paramount Pest Control that's not the case for all insects.

"Spiders it is not,” said Wilks. “They'll crawl across the snow to get to a place. And right now it's cold out and they're trying to get in to get warm."

Rodents want to keep warm as well! Mice can fit in spaces as small as a quarter of an inch in search of crumbs and moisture.

"That's big enough room for a mouse to get in there," said Wilks.

For those hard to close up spaces, Wilks said using steel wool keeps the little guys out. As for Jack Frost, he's knocking at your door whether you're ready or not.

A good tip to keep your electricity costs down and keep bugs out is to put rubber stopper liners along your doors.