Johnson Parade proves once again to be the most fun

Johnson Parade proves once again to be the most fun »Play Video
JOHNSON, WA - The hundreds of spectators hitting the tiny town of Johnson Friday morning greatly outnumbered the 200 residents.

They flocked there for the annual 4th of July parade that's unique in so many ways. And, if you've never been. you don't know what you're missing.

The annual parade attracts spectators from all over the region. They filled the streets at 10 a.m. to cheer on a variety of marchers and riders. Queens, veterans, and cowboys were all on hand to help celebrate our nation's birthday. Some unusually clad bikers said their group consists of members from all over the Quad Cities.

"We have the Hells Canyon Posse, more attitude less ego,” said Christopher Bauknight, with the Hells Canyon Posse. We also got a member from the Moscowvite Scooter Club."

Bauknight said they were having a great fourth.

"Oh yeah, We're having a great day. It's awesome."

And it's no wonder with cheery music and candy filling the streets. Spectators also didn't have to worry about the heat. The Pullman Lentil Festival's royalty says their favorite part of the event was keeping the crowd cool and fed.

"Probably throwing out the candy and squirting people with water."