Chinook salmon are returning in droves!

Chinook salmon are returning in droves! »Play Video
Returning number of fish is significantly more than anticipated
CLARKSTON, WA - If you're looking for a new fishing hole, starting today the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is expanding the area where you can catch chinook salmon.

The fall chinook salmon are returning in droves, and areas that are usually under protection along the Snake and Columbia rivers are now free game.

Public Information Officer Madonna Luers said downriver, near the Tri-Cities, they estimate almost 900,000 chinook to return to the Columbia-Snake confluence.

"The return of these fish has been so significant, and it continues to be upgraded, said Luers. “As the fish come we're seeing even more than we thought there would be."

They expect the chinook season to close October 31st depending on how the salmon numbers add up at that time. The catch limit stays the same at three adult and six jack salmon per angler.