Homeless day center to open in Lewiston

Homeless day center to open in Lewiston
LEWISTON - Bridging the gap between churches and community programs to help as many people as possible is the goal of Family Promise, a unique and new organization in the Valley.

"We are an outreach for Family Promise," Network Director Ron Ramos said. "It works closely with churches and is geared toward helping homeless or low income families get established back into permanent housing and employment."

The group worked on a 9th Avenue house in Lewiston on Friday. They plan to turn it into a day center for the many people struggling with homelessness in the Valley.

"They will be here during the day," Ramos said. "They will be accessing the Internet, and telephone. This will be their permanent residence as far as their address for applications and all that kind of stuff. So, that's the main purpose of the day center. At night, they are hosted at a church a week at a time, and every week we change churches."

Family Promise said that in 2007 the YWCA had to turn away almost 500 people when their shelter was full.