Amber Alert canceled: Yakima boy found, suspect in custody

Amber Alert canceled: Yakima boy found, suspect in custody »Play Video
William M. Arnold

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A national Amber Alert was triggered Friday out of Yakima. Those tense moments subsided quickly when the alert was canceled and the missing child was found safe.

The call for help came from Jevin Fitzgerald. He realized his cousin had been grabbed by his own mother who wasn't allowed to have him.

"When I heard him scream I was coming out of the bathroom," Fitzgerald said. "She was already halfway down the driveway."

Jenna Arnold had just been released from jail a few days ago. She was locked up on a domestic violence charge and told to stay away from her young son, William.

Fitzgerald told KIMA the whole thing didn't come as a shock. He said Jenna Arnold had been threatening the boy's father that she planned to take her baby away.

"I told him, I said dude, I have a feeling when you go to work on Friday that she's going to try and get him. And sure enough she came and got him today," Fitzgerald said.

Yakima police said they found Jenna's white Honda Accord late Friday morning. It was located along one of the side roads leading into Sarg Hubard Park where they also located Jenna and William.

Captain Rod Light said the little boy was pretty shaken up.

"He was very fearful. He was crying and was very upset," Light said

The five-year-old is now safe and his mother is back in jail facing new charges.

"I'm very happy. He's probably one of my favorite little cousins," Fitzgerald said.

Yakima said this is the second Amber Alert for the city. Neighboring communities have had their own before.

The first Amber Alert for Yakima actually came earlier this month. They're not generally issued unless an abduction is seen or confirmed.