Minnick, Andrus tour biodiesel plant

Minnick, Andrus tour biodiesel plant
LEWISTON - In November, Democrat Walt Minnick announced his bid for the First District Congressional seat currently held by Republican Bill Sali.

Alongside Minnick Tuesday, as he paid another campaign visit to Lewiston, was former Idaho Governor and U.S. Secretary of the Interior Cecil Andrus, who has become a fixture in Minnick’s effort to unseat Sali.

Tuesday, Minnick was focusing on a hot-button issue as the campaign heats up.

“Weaning the country off of foreign oil and moving toward energy independence is one of the most important things the next Congress can do," said Minnick.

"What we have to do is get away from being forced to buy that $110 a barrel oil...that we have other sources for a fuel that will supply the economy and commercial aspects of our country," said Andrus.

Minnick was critical of Sali for voting against HR-5351, a bill Minnick says would have provided additional production incentives for companies like Coleman Oil in Lewiston.

Minnick and Andrus visited the Coleman’s biodiesel plant Tuesday.

"Coleman's on the cutting edge," Andrus said. "They've got the technology and it’s new. They've got be able to increase their production and distribution."

Minnick said gas prices ultimately will be driven down if Congress quits looking overseas and starts working in their own backyards.

“It requires some federal help right now, in the form of consumer incentives and production incentives," said Minnick. "It's what the energy bill should focus on, and that's what an energy bill I would vote on would do."