Sidewalks to somewhere

Sidewalks to somewhere
LEWISTON - City officials say sidewalk improvement is a priority, and Lewiston will get a little help to get it done.

It's connected to the Safe Routes to School program, designed to get students to walk or bike to schools in their neighborhood.

"If your going to encourage them or walk or bike to school, you have to provide a safe place for them to do that and one way to do that is to provide sidewalks," said Sandi Hagemann, Public Works Administrative Secretary

The city applied for more than $100,000 to install sidewalks on Burrell Avenue from 9th Street to Thain. Hagemann says the city was awarded $57,000 which will pay for the sidewalk from 10th to 11th Street.

“And then the city will finish that sidewalk off with funding, because Burrell's a chaotic street: kids, cars. “And so we really need to provide a place there for the kids."

Hagemann said construction on the project won't start for a least another year.

This summer, crews should begin work on new sidewalk from 6th Street to 4th Street on Warner Avenue. Hagemann says that money is from last year's Safe Routes to School grant.